I want to quickly tell you why I am so excited to be involved with Solavei, a new social commerce company that is providing unlimited voice, text and data cell service for only $49 a month.

I should first let you know that I am in Solavei as a Founder and am registered as member 1311.  The name of my team is the PresidentialTeam and I have some really good people involved.  I purchased my new Solavei HTC One S phone about a week ago and it showed up at my door a couple of days later.  I was more than a little apprehensive about giving up my iPhone and service from Verizon – but am actually liking the One S more than the iPhone – and the service (on the T-Mobile network) has yet to let me down.  It is much improved over a couple of years ago when I had tried T-Mobile service – the 4G is AWESOME!

The main reasons I got involved with Solavei are:

1)      To save money on my cell bill.

2)      To help others do the same.

I am even more excited about it now, because it is almost certain that I will be getting FREE cell service and getting paid by the launch date of September 21st.  It is so cool to be in a company PRE-LAUNCH – we are breaking new ground!

Today is Saturday August 25th.  If you want to be guaranteed to be in pre-launch, you must be registered in The Lane by tomorrow at midnight.  Admission to The Lane is by invitation only so if you need an invite, call me on my Solavei phone at (586) 457-8064 or send me an email to Joe(at)49DollarCellService.com.

I would love to have you on the Presidential Team – and hope to hear from you!

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