On Wednesday August 22nd at 6pm Pacific join us for The World’s Largest Webinar.  This is a great opportunity to find out about Solavei, it’s $49 unlimited voice, text and data cell phone service and social commerce platform which is launching on Sept 21.

To register for the World’s Largest Webinar, please visit:  49DollarCellService.com

As a Founder at Solavei, my initial goal is to personally help 1,000 people earn free cell service and $1000 every month.  A modest and very obtainable goal.  Are you one of the 1,000?  Are you willing to help 1,000 people too?

If you think you might want in pre-launch, you need to let me know asap – because later this week they are going to cut off applications until the official launch on September 21st.  JoeConnector(at)gmail.com

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