Even with the many challenges that the struggling world wide economy has brought most of us, under close examination it has also brought many of us a huge number of opportunities – or potential opportunities.  There have been a lot of stories out there about deals to be had in real estate – both residential and commercial, vehicles – especially high line cars and trucks and ultra fast and/or expensive boats.  Many times all of these things can be purchased for pennies on the dollar of what they cost at one time.  So in some instances a purchase of a luxury vehicle, could actually be considered an investment – but probably only if it is going to be flipped and a profit realized.

Other investment opportunities involve businesses.  Some investors are fond of going in and investing in businesses in trouble and taking a high stake ownership position.  Others would rather look for businesses in danger of closing and purchase them cheap, hoping to turn them around – either making them into cash cows or flipping them to a new buyer to continue to build.

Still a potentially safer way to invest in a business is to purchase a franchise with a successful track record.  There are usually already great systems in place to help assure your success and keep your business investment from being a losing statistic.

Out of all the investment opportunities out there, what types of investments are you passionate about?

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