One of the most popular things for start-up companies to do once they have a logo and letterhead, is to put that logo on everything they possibly can.  They are proud of their start-up and want anyone and everyone to know about it.  You cannot blame them.  The logo, usually barely even dry from the graphic artists’ desk is slapped everywhere:  bumper stickers, frisbees, coozies (to keep your drinks cold) and of course on the trusty t-shirt.

High quality embroidered shirts can make a HUGE statement about a company – and they will always be worn (and seen) A LOT more than some of the alternatives that are out there.  Still the same, one choice to go with is top quality t shirt screen printing, which can be much more cost effective than higher priced clothing, enabling a start-up company to give away a much larger number of shirts to fans, clients and people who will wear them – all carrying the start-ups logo and advertising the company.

Once a decision is made to go with embroidery or screen printing, then it is time to pick out the actual garment that is going to carry the logo.  Tons of choices here – and can greatly vary depending on geography and climate, as well as the season.  A company that uses shirts as branding definitely wants to choose shirts that are going to be worn – as they don’t do anyone any good hanging in a closet.  What kind of shirts would work best to carry YOUR company’s logo?

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