Eastside EntrepreneursMost of the time, each day in an entrepreneur’s life they are using the same tools and don’t even think about it – until there are challenges.  I would probably not have ever even considered using Open Office if Microsoft’s Office 2010 didn’t keep on crashing on me.  I probably would still be only using the Office Suite – Word, Excel, etc if I hadn’t one day left an important file on my computer in my home office – when I really needed it for a meeting out of town.  Now I use Google Docs (recently renamed Google Drive) and have access to all of my important files from any computer on the planet with an internet connection.

Besides using productivity software for basic tasks like word processing, creating spreadsheets, forms or presentations, many entrepreneurs (especially solo-preneurs who have to wear many, many hats) use a number of other types of productivity tools.  Almost on a daily basis I use photo editing software (usually PhotoShop), video editing software (lately done both in YouTube and using my Logitec webcam software),  bookkeeping software, communication software (have been using both Skype and Spreecast), and lately I’ve been making better use of a great note taking software/application called Evernote.

What kind of productivity software tools do you use in your business?

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