Joe "The Connector" KennedyJust like way too many people these days, I have been unemployed for way too long.  I have gone through periods of busting my ass and doing anything possible to find work, to periods of being totally discouraged and depressed.  It has been a struggle for sure, but I’ve gotten by so far with a lot of great help from friends and family, a small income from blogging and internet affiliate marketing and odd jobs.

It’s more than a little humbling, but I find myself asking for your help.  Please help me find gainful employment.  I prefer to work within my strengths of social media, marketing, business development, project management, or real estate, but will consider all salaried positions.  (I am NOT at this time looking for network marketing opportunities or sales jobs that are strictly commission).  It would be extra cool if I could work in the health/fitness/nutrition fields, but regardless of the industry, my ultimate goal is to help build, nurture and grow a national or worldwide community.

What’s In It for YOU?  This is the best part – when you help me get hired, I will pay you my full first week’s salary.  That’s right!  I will be working for you for an entire week!

Can you help?  Please feel free to check out my resume and/or my LinkedIn profile.  If you have any leads or suggestions for me, please call me on my cell phone at 425-213-4176 or send an email to JoeConnector(at)  I do appreciate your help and sincerely hope that I get to work for your benefit real soon.

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