Your Local Market in downtown Bellevue is having financial struggles just months after opening and currently having a 40% off everything sale. Can social media help save Your Local Market?

In this video, I ask this question and offer my social media help to Jason Brown, the owner of Your Local Market.  I have no idea what their current situation is or what needs to happen for them to survive, but if there is a chance at all, I am willing to donate my time to try to help engage our local community and solicit their help.  Since they have opened, Your Local Market has partnered with and donated to, some of the many great non-profits and service groups we have that do so much to help in our communities.  It’s time the community steps up and helps support OUR Local Market.

What do YOU think?  Can social media help save Your Local Market?  Are YOU willing to help support a locally owned business that helps support other locally owned businesses?  Or would you rather to continue to shop at a large grocery chain that is all about turning inventory and making that cash register ring?

BTW – IF Jason does contact me, I have a bunch of ready recommendations.

Here are three of them:

1) Have your son make more videos about YLM.  He is really good on camera and video is a good way to tell the YLM story as well as connect with your customers (and potential customers).  Make sure to keep featuring store employees (and customers) if possible.  Do not have to be high budget at all.

2) Host an Eastside Entrepreneurs networking event.  We are looking for a host for our monthly networking events and it would be a good way to meet more local business owners and people doing cool things.

3) Have a juice bar, make and hand out samples of great, ultra fresh juices: spinach, apple, green blends, etc.  made from your awesome produce.

4) Make your customers “Members”. Maybe you cannot afford to do the club card thing right now, but it could be in the plan (if not already) – and you could be collecting all your loyal customers’ contact info.  Perhaps there could be special deals only announced on your Facebook page.

Any way, I could go on and on about the things that could be done.  In the meantime, I will hope for the best for Your Local Market.

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