VPTax, specialists in corporate tax services for growth companies, is relaunching its business with a new name and a strategy for nationwide growth based on expansion from its Bay Area stronghold into other U.S. metro areas, where there is a need for an alternative to the expensive, unwieldy service model practiced by traditional large accounting firms.

The new strategy is backed up with an unprecedented guarantee: VPTax will deliver the corporate tax return for any company, anywhere in the U.S., within ten days—or provide a refund for every day it’s late. What’s more, VPTax offers a fixed formula for pricing corporate income tax returns. “The world of tax is full of firms charging a lot of money for a lot of unnecessary work. We want to change that world. As experts who have been doing nothing but corporate tax for many years, we know there is a better way. Our fixed pricing and ten-day guarantee shows the market that it can be done quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately,” said VPTax Co-Founder and Principal Tom Brehmer. “It’s about more than discounting fees, it’s about value.”

Alternative Model Goes Nationwide
Since VPTax was founded as EricThomasin 1991, it has provided tax services for some 500 companies, including many Silicon Valley startups, as well as larger manufacturing companies based all over the U.S. and internationally. Current well-known Silicon Valley names that use VPTax include Google and Twitter. VPTax specializes in corporate taxes, and provides lean, fast-turnaround services, addressing all areas of taxation.

VPTax is now relaunching its business with a new name and a new strategy. After 21 years as EricThomas, its name is changed to VPTax, Inc., in recognition of its role as the effective Vice President of Tax for companies for which internal tax resources are not cost-effective. It is embarking on a strategy of nationwide expansion, beginning with the Seattle market, where it has hired its fourth Principal, Shelby Eckroth, former Tax Director with Fluke, a Danaher company.

“We see a need for our type of service in every major metro where there are growth companies,” Brehmer explained. “Our goal is to grow by hiring tax experts, preferably with experience in private industry and public accounting, in many of these metros, and deliver higher-quality, simple and effective service to clients in those cities.”

“Say it in Crayon”
VPTax has won a large following in Silicon Valley with its lean model, and its ability to reduce tax issues to their essentials, enabling management and directors to make quick decisions and hold costs down. According to VPTax’sBrehmer, who was a partner at KPMG before leaving to found EricThomas, large accounting firms invest excessive time in researching and analyzing tax issues, often generating bills in the tens of thousands of dollars, even where the tax saving will be far less than that.

“The large accounting firms have a model where they generate too much work, too much analysis, and too many meetings, and too much of it is done by junior accountants,” Brehmer explains. “This does not deliver value for clients, particularly for growth companies, who are not paying large tax bills in any case. We like to distinguish our approach by saying: `They’re focused on their bottom line. We’re focused on yours.’”

This approach has won favor with VPTax clients. In one of the case studies posted on the VPTax website, Enobia Pharma CFO Jeff Mack comments: “VPtax offers a paradigm shift in taxes that will force people to think, and act, differently.”

The new VPTax strategy is brought to life with a new website, including a new video blog entitled Tax Tips and Triage with VPTax. The website features the trademark VPTax crayon. VPTax slogan Say it in Crayon refers to the VPTax team’s ability to simplify even the most complex tax issues to their key essentials so boards or audit committees can make decisions.

Growth Strategy
VPTax offers two types of service under one roof. The fast, economical corporate tax preparation services takes advantage of the company’s use of advanced technology and proprietary processes to deliver corporate tax returns quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. At the same time, the firm offers consulting services covering every aspect of taxation, based on the experience of its four Principals. In addition to Brehmer and Eckroth, VPTax Principal Todd Suchevits is a recognized expert in international tax matters, with more than 17 years’ experience on the corporate side with Silicon Valley software and gaming companies, and in public accounting with KPMG and Coopers & Lybrand. Andy Gotelli, VPTax’s Las Vegas-based Principal, has over forty years’ experience providing tax services to the financial services industry, including Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

“Our goal is to be in 10 major metros by the end of next year,” said Brehmer. “Based on client reactions, we think we have a great opportunity and now is the time. We are actively exploring opportunities in several cities.”

About VPTax

VPTax is the corporate tax specialist. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices in San Francisco, Seattle, and Las Vegas, VPTax provides the full range of corporate tax services to companies worldwide. VPTax has delivered expert, knowledgeable income, sales, and property tax advice and services to more than 500 companies worldwide. With the ability to simplify complex tax matters and find simple, cost-effective solutions, VPTax is widely recognized for its ability to Say it in Crayon. Learn more at www.vptax.com.

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