Generally speaking, I’ve been pretty happy and pleasantly surprised with the Safeway in downtown Bellevue that opened across the street from it’s old location (currently occupied by Your Local Market) some time ago.  Until recently – now they are screwing up again – much like they had the old store running – very poorly.

Although many of the departments there are run very well, especially the bakery and the wine department (soon to be wine and liquor as of Saturday June 1st), there is currently a black hole at the “Nut Hut”.  The “Nut Hut” takes up some prime real estate toward the front of the store, just across the aisle from the cash registers.

There is rarely anyone ever working at the “Nut Hut” and when help is requested there, it is always a major chore for whoever is asked to help – and they usually let you know it will terrible service.  I’m sure the idea was to sell fresh nuts, but there is no way that is working – because there is nobody there helping out customers!  They have had the same bagged nuts for sale for over a month – all special flavors with seasonings and/or sugar coating.  They haven’t have any plain cashews or almonds bagged up for a long time.

My worst complaint is the nut butter area (I won’t even get into the deli situation).  Because I have been eating clean for the past 9 months, almond butter has become a staple in my diet.  I used to be able to get it at my downtown Safeway, but somebody there in their wisdom, has decided just to make peanut butter (I’m allergic) and cashew butter (not interested) – the same butter has been sitting there for weeks.  Apparently they decided to quit making the almond butter and no longer give their customers the option.  On second thought, they didn’t decide to, they are just too damn lazy to make it happen.

On several occasions, I have let store employees and managers know about this situation with the almond butter and the nut hut.  Nothing has changed and I am looking for a new store to shop at.

BTW – the new Safeway mobile app has been out a week or two and is kind of interesting.  They give you a dozen eggs for signing up.  Unfortunately, their “personalized” deals for me are way off mark – trying to sell me donuts, potato chips and ice cream.  I won’t put any of that crap into my body – no matter how cheap it is, so quit trying to sell it to me.  I’m shopping somewhere else.  Can you say “Farmer’s Market”?

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