Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), the Mid-Atlantic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that facilitated $33.6 billion in real estate sales in 2011, has selected Imprev, Inc., a leading real estate marketing technology firm to power MRIS’s new “My Marketing Center.”

My Marketing Center will provide a vital marketing tool for MRIS’s “Gen M” (new generation) suite of real-time, integrated business tools, accessible by nearly 45,000 Mid-Atlantic real estate professionals based in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and portions of Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia.

The Marketing Center will provide MRIS customers with free and unlimited access to an integrated suite of professionally designed and simple to create digital and print marketing products and tools including Flyers, eFlyers, Postcards, ePostcards, and Virtual Tours. In addition to supporting marketing and promotional efforts, there’s productivity savings as well since MRIS customers will pull in real-time listing data – including photos –to create any of the marketing materials without having to re-enter data or upload images, tasks agents already complete when they create the listing.

My Marketing Center will be the fastest way to reach home buyers and sellers with real-time, in-depth marketing information instantly. In seconds, a link to a polished Virtual Tour is posted to or to the agents website, another click and an eFlyer with the broker’s template and branding is posted on Facebook or sent out on Twitter,” said John L. Heithaus, MRIS Chief Marketing Officer, adding, “The faster an agent can respond in today’s digitally-driven economy in real time, the more successful he or she will be to generate more sales commissions.”

MRIS and Imprev also announced that a Premium suite of digital and printable marketing products and tools will made available to MRIS member agents and brokers at a low-cost. The lineup of Premium marketing products is expected to include access to premium Craigslist Display Ads, eCards (electronic Greeting Cards), Brochures, Digital Brochures, Newsletters, eNewsletters and more.

“Agents need three things from any business provider: quality, ease of use and value,” said Renwick Congdon, Imprev CEO and Founder. “At the end of the day, the finished product is what the consumer sees, so the quality of the product must reflect well on the agent and brokerage. Of course, if the agent can’t easily use the system they won’t, and cost is always a consideration. MRIS has addressed all three requirements with the ‘Gen M’ My Marketing Center. ”

About MRIS

MRIS is real estate in real time™, enabling its customers to list and sell nearly $93 million in real estate each day. In 2011, the company facilitated $33.6 billion in cooperative broker sales. A leading systems developer and integrator of real estate information technology and databases, MRIS connects its customers with timely, accurate and actionable data with a growing portfolio of technology solutions. This includes broker and agent software products, an industry-leading consumer real estate portal, and many others. Behind the scenes, the CURE Solutions Group subsidiary of MRIS provides back-end technology to other MLS systems through CURE, a proprietary solution. MRIS serves nearly 45,000 real estate professionals spanning a 22,000 square mile section of the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and markets located in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

About Imprev

Imprev, Inc. is the leading provider of private-label Marketing and Design Centers for real estate brokerage firms, and is licensed to more than 200,000 real estate agents worldwide.  Imprev-powered Marketing Centers provide brokers and agents with digital and printable marketing products and tools, including iPad presentations, Craigslist display ads, automated eMarketing, social marketing (Facebook, Twitter) material,  Virtual Tours, Video, Flyers and eFlyers, Postcards and ePostcards and more. Imprev helps agents simply and cost-effectively create an impressive personal image merged elegantly with the influence of their company’s brand.  Established in 2000, Imprev is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.  Visit Imprev at

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