From large scale renovations to quick redecorating projects, there are many great ways to go green while making updates to your home.  In celebration of Earth Day, Decor Carpet One Floor & Home offers these five tips on making your project a little greener:

1. Repurposing vintage and antique furniture is one of the best ways to be kind to the planet. Family members’ garages, yard sales, and online auction sites like eBay and Craigslist are great places to start. A repurposed piece might need some work but often times, a quick coat of paint or a good cleaning can reveal the perfect piece to add a layer of uniqueness to a new design.

2. Choose a paint that has no VOCs – volatile organic compounds – like Benjamin Moore’s Natura® line. VOCs are also what cause that paint smell so this green choice will also make do-it-yourself painting projects a little more enjoyable.

3. Look for green options in unexpected places. “Many people are surprised to find that there are so many options for eco-friendly flooring,” said Mike Hosko, of Decor Carpet One Floor & Home. “And you’re not just limited to hard surface. There are carpet options that are green too.” At Carpet One Floor & Home, they indicate eco-friendly products with the Green Selectlabel to make them easier for customers to find.

4.  Often times a home project is so focused on what is new that the old is forgotten. Donating old furniture and making sure that construction materials are disposed of properly is a big part of a green remodel. Gently used furniture can be sold in a yard sale or donated to charity. Even carpet can often be reused or recycled – gently used carpet can be cleaned and donated and certain types of carpet can be recycled. It make take a little extra work to keep your old room out of the landfill, but donating and recycling as much as possible is important for green home project.

5. Green goes beyond the actual remodel or renovation. This is a great time to add features that will save energy for years to come. Installing ceiling fans during a renovation can cut down on energy use year round. Energy efficient appliances are an important feature to consider during kitchen upgrades.   And, if exterior doors are part of the project, make sure they are energy efficient as well.

“I like to keep the environment in mind whenever possible,” says Steve Suraci from Icarus Designs. “Products with earth-friendly labels like Energy Star and Green Select make it easy to make the green choice.” Steve Suraci provides more green ideas in his video “Green Up Your Renovation”

Home renovation projects can be exciting and gratifying. Keeping the earth in mind will make the new space even more enjoyable for years to come.

For more ideas and information on green products mentioned in this article, please visit Carpet One Floor & Home’s Pinterest Board “Green Home”.

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