Vizualiiz, an asset management innovator focused on using advanced technologies to make solutions faster, easier and more affordable, today announced what it believes is the first touch screen, tablet-based application completely integrated with an asset management solution. Called Scout, the android-based tablet application with integrated software, optimizes the capturing, tagging, transferring and auditing of data center assets. After assets have been initially tagged and their details recorded, tests demonstrate that with Scout, more than 1500 assets can be scanned, captured, verified and validated in less than 15 minutes, reducing a typical data center inventory audit from days to minutes. Offered as an option with LightsOn, the company’s fully automated and turnkey asset management solution, Scout includes four pre-built business process workflows to handle common asset management activities such as inventory audits and asset tagging, receiving and transfers.

“As a company we regularly challenge each other to imagine more for asset management and to find new, innovative ways to use technology to make processes faster, easier and more affordable,” stated Vizualiiz President Bob Cartwright. He added, “With Scout, a person simply carries a tablet throughout the data center and all asset information is wirelessly collected from RFID or Barcodes and completely integrates with the central LightsOn solution. This changes a days-long critical activity that often doesn’t get prioritized, into a fast, efficient and streamlined process.”

Announced early this year, LightsOn is a game changing asset management solution and the first to offer 3D visualization of assets for RFID tracking. The portable, Bluetooth-enabled Scout tablet includes software that integrates with LightsOn. Certified to run on hardware from Asus and Samsung, Scout, like LightsOn, is technology agnostic and works with any tagging and scanning products including RFID and Barcodes.

About Vizualiiz

Founded in 2010, privately-held Vizualiiz has created the patent-pending LightsOn™ solution to completely redefine the way data center assets are managed. LightsOn combines advanced 3D visual game-like technology to enable advanced asset decision making; completely integrated software; and wireless, tablet-based data collection to improve asset collection speed and accuracy. Completely agnostic, LightsOn accommodates a range of asset tagging technologies from RFID to Barcodes. The turnkey solution is delivered as SaaS or premise-based and makes asset management simple, intuitive, more reliable and cost effective. For more information please visit

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