Direct Impact (DI), a leading grassroots advocacy firm that manages communications campaigns on behalf of some of the world’s largest corporations and trade associations, announced today its acquisition of Crowdverb, a digital management and advocacy firm based inSeattle,Washington. The alignment will transform how traditional grassroots campaigns are run and won by using proprietary technology to complement the suite of traditional offerings Direct Impact has developed and refined over two decades.

Crowdverb specializes in using an intensely data-driven approach to provide cost-effective, highly scalable mobilization of activists to impact issues and legislation, manage reputations and promote products. From digital campaign strategy and management to exclusive technology products and partnerships, Crowdverb complements the fundamentals of traditional advocacy.

Founding partners Cyrus Krohn, Todd Herman and Sally Poliak have deep strategic communications, advocacy and digital experience, and all have worked at the intersection of politics and technology. Krohn, a veteran of CNN, Slate Magazine and Yahoo, and Herman, a veteran of Microsoft, served successive terms leading digital strategy for the Republican National Committee. Poliak is a leading Washington state communications consultant and a recipient of the 2010 Stevie Award for Women in Business.

“This acquisition will add a new depth to how we develop, execute, monitor and adapt our grassroots programs,” said Nicole Cornish, CEO of Direct Impact. “Crowdverb brings an acute understanding of the power of traditional advocacy, along with a unique knowledge of how to translate and grow that power exponentially online. This acquisition will allow us to formalize this important convergence and provide unmatched service to clients.”

“We are thrilled to build on the work that Direct Impact has done for the past two decades on the ground by adding a very strategic presence in the digital mobilization space,” said Cyrus Krohn, co-founder of Crowdverb. “Direct Impact is a true pioneer in the advocacy field and we are eager to join them as we build a suite of hybrid online and offline offerings that exploit the very best strategies out there today.”

Crowdverb’s Modern Mobilization approach was born from its founders’ combined backgrounds in technology, media and politics; it combines exclusive technologies, data and tools with advanced micro-messaging tactics and brand building, encompassing the invaluable beliefs and attitudes of consumers, voters and activists.

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