Next Thursday evening we’ll be staying in middle of downtown Seattle at the iconic The Roosevelt,  a 151-room hotel property owned by Coast Hotels.  The purpose of our stay is to review the hotel, rooms, amenities, etc and I’m totally looking forward to it.

I’ve been spending time in downtown Seattle since I first took the bus across the lake by myself at 7 years old, so I’m in pretty good tune with some of the awesomeness on that side of the lake – BUT ….  Since this is really a media review trip and I’ll be writing about it, I thought I would look for some things to do that I haven’t done before.  Maybe some cool stuff suggested by readers …

Do YOU have any suggestions on what we should check out in downtown Seattle next Thursday evening or Friday morning?  I’d love to have your feedback – thank you very much in advance.

By the way, don’t miss our LIVE spreecast Live from The Roosevelt at 7pm on March 29, 2012

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