Join me on a live broadcast Spreecast on the Spotlight on Social Media Channel Thursday morning March 22nd at 10am PST.  We are going to discuss the new KIRO7 prime time television show debuting tomorrow night at 10:30pm on Channel 7 locally and at 10pm via Livestream.  The show is called “Connect with Jenni” and will feature the social media star Jenni Hogan and a great group of guests who live and breathe social media.

I’m hoping that Jenni and some of her guests will be joining us for the Live Spreecast, but I have not heard back yet.  It would be great to get an inside view of what they are trying to accomplish with the show, if it is going to be a regular show and how it might fit in with the national CBS Network.

I’m predicting right here that the show is going to be a smashing success that that Jenni will soon be lured to NY, LA or possibly San Francisco to host and star in a national social media show.  I’m not sure that it will be on Network Television though – even though I think Jenni would be able to get her own show on any major network, I strongly believe that many more of her  true fans and viewers all over the world can be reached via the Internet.  I could see Jenni having her own highly popular show on Hulu or even (my personal favorite) Spreecast.  Jenni Hogan has the personality to easily create a show that could buoy a complete platform, much like Howard Stern did for Sirius …

Please tune into Spreecast Thursday morning at 10am to participate in the conversation and let us know your thoughts on the future evolution of network television and social media.  We will try to get as many people on camera as possible, so if you would like to share your thoughts, please make sure to do a prior test on your webcam and microphone.

BONUS:  All participants to this Spreecast will be eligible to win a pair of tickets to see the King of Sales, Mr. Jeffrey Gitomer at events right here in Bellevue Thursday afternoon ($398 value) or Friday morning ($199 value).  Make sure to show up and tune in tomorrow morning for details.

KIRO7’s own Paul Bacarek, who runs their Facebook and Twitter accounts, wrote a great post about the experience of putting their groundbreaking show on the air.  He’s also been invited to the Spreecast tomorrow morning and I hope he can join in.

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