A unique fundraiser created by Student Programs and Food Services at Bellevue College is providing a hot meal to students in need. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of special packages of coffee, branded with the school’s colors and distinctive logo, will support the “Soup and Tutor Program,” which provides students short on money with a hearty bowl of soup and one-on-one tutoring in subjects such as math and English.

“Some of our students can’t afford to get enough to eat every day. This is a simple way for folks to have a healthy lunch and receive help with their studies in a safe, friendly and supportive environment,” said Faisal Jaswal, assistant dean of student programs.

The program began on Feb. 1 and has been serving approximately 60 students every Tuesday and Thursday. Jaswal notes that it’s just one part of a comprehensive resource network available at the college to assist students. This can include referrals for housing, child care, health services and other forms of assistance.

The special dark-roasted blend was created especially for the college. The 12-ounce bags sell for $9.50, and over 450 have been bought to date. Right now, they can be found in the bookstore and coffee shop on campus, and plans are in the works to sell them at outlets in the community.

About Bellevue College: Chosen by 38,000 students last year, Bellevue College (BC) is one of the largest educational institutions in Washington State. BC offers associate degree programs covering the first two years of a college education as well as four-year bachelor’s degrees, certificates and continuing education programs in more than 90 professional and technical fields, such as information technology, telecommunications, business, education, health and public safety.

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