Spreecast is a game changing social media platform that allows people to broadcast together.  You will want to be using Spreecast in your business and probably a bunch of other ways too.  Here are 11 reasons that you should be using Spreecast  (this post was originally written for JoeKennedy.biz):

1.  Spreecasts can be public or private.  Whether you want to hold private Spreecast or invite the public to join in, the choice is yours.

2. Spreecasts are a great way to hold company meetings.  Whether 1 on1 meeting with an associate on the other side of the world or a corporate board meeting, Spreecasting meetings is simple.

3. Spreecasts are recorded and reviewable.  Once your Spreecast is over, it is archived and available to review.  Great for checking links, comments and other information shared during the Spreecast.

4. Spreecasts are easily embedable.  You can put your archived Spreecasts on your websites and blogs for long term exposure and traction.  Spreecasts provide great content to keep visitors on your sites.

5. Spreecasts are easily shared socially.  Spreecast is a social network platform that plays well with other major social platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

6. Spreecasts are a great way to educate, market and sell.  The types of information exchanged through Spreecasts are only limited our minds (and public decency).  Classes, conferences, seminars, networking events, many different types of events can be Spreecast.

7. Spreecasting can save you money.  In so many ways, Spreecasting is saving companies money in this tough economy.

  • Having company meetings via Spreecast saves your employees the time it takes to drive into the office to attend a meeting – or at least the time it takes to walk down the hall to the conference room.
  • Spreecasting is a god-send for those who telecommute.
  • Having company meetings via Spreecast means you don’t have to spend a ton of cash on food and drink – and that there is no clean up!
  • It also means that your employees who work outside of the office don’t have to spend their valuable time (and gas money) commuting to and from the office for meetings.

8. Spreecasting is good for our environment.  See #7 above – Spreecasting saves fuel and commuting time, cuts down on emissions and reduces our carbon footprint.

9. Your competitors and clients are using Spreecast.  If they aren’t yet, they will be soon.  Would you rather lead the charge or follow the pack? Is your company an innovator or a “me too” company?

10.  Gary V uses Spreecast.  Social media, wine and now business consulting guru Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia has his own Spreecast channel, which may or may not be a reason that you should be using Spreecast.  At the same time, since Gary Vaynerchuk uses Spreecast, you probably do want to take a solid look.

11. Spreecast is a super cool company with awesome technology.  In what other company does the founder broadcast live on a regular basis to talk about product challenges and improvements?  Very refreshing to see Spreecast Founder Jeff Fluhr and his team sharing with the public – and including them in their broadcasts!

Bonus Reason #12: You would help me out by connecting with Joe “The Connector” Kennedy on Spreecast so that I can go to work for Ron Levi, to help make his life easier and help grow the amazing community at Spreecast, both in the US and across the Globe.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve only known about Spreecast for a week – I have not been so excited about anything for a very long time.  I really want to #HelpRon – so thank you in advance for your assistance to #HelpJoeConnect.

Joe Kennedy can be found on Spreecast, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Eastside Entrepreneurs and at JoeConnector.com.

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