This morning was a historical first, although not without some challenges, we held our first Spreecast.  I hosted local authors Deborah Drake and Don Burrows, who got to talk about their new book entitled “Burn Your Resume, You Need a Professional Profile”.  We were joined in by a number of other people (there were 7 participants online at one time) and Sports Psycology Coach Mike Margolies jumped in on camera (despite his protests).

In the spirit and intention of full disclosure, I am hoping to work with @Spreecast – I just love this technology and the way it is going to help businesses.  #HelpRon #HelpJoeConnect

Until then, I will be hosting Spreecasts with members of the Eastside Business Directory on an ongoing basis.  Be sure to join us for the Eastside Entrepreneurs First Ever Virtual Networking Party Spreecast Live tomorrow night at 6pm.  Everyone is welcome and thanks to Spreecast, it is absolutely FREE.  Make sure to RSVP and set up your account today, and test your camera and mic before the big event.

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