Many people begin a new year with all types of resolutions, many of them pertaining to health and weight loss.  Most of them will be forgotten in the first month or two and many will be given up with excuses like “I’m not THAT out of shape”.  Well, I can tell you that EVERYBODY has a shape – and if you suspect that yours might not be as healthy as you’d like, the best way to find out is by having a body composition analysis test in the BodPod, available at Vitela Health in Bellevue at 40 Lake Bellevue.  It is very quick, affordable and can give you a solid reference point to your current weight, body fat in percentage and pounds, as well as estimated rates for metabolism at rest and during different types of activity.

According to Jan Mathew Stahl of Vitela Health in Bellevue, “the only body composition test more accurate than the BodPod is an autopsy.”  I am happy to say from personal -experience that I had a body composition analysis with the BodPod that was very quick, painless and noninvasive.  It is totally accurate enough for me and I prefer to put off that autopsy for a good number of years.

Jan, along with her husband Brent, own, and with Vitela Health provide nutrition counseling and weight management solutions.  Many people would say that they were in the diet business, but Jan says that one of her clients denies she’s on any type of diet at all – “she says she is on a Live-It”.  I like that A LOT.

My experience in the BodPod was actually pretty enjoyable.  When I arrived at their office I spent a few minutes getting to know a little about Jan and Brent and had them tell me about the BodPod and what they do.

After that, it literally took less than 5 minutes for the testing to be completed.  If you are interested in seeing how it works, here is the video which is about 5 minutes 46 seconds long which includes all the testing, as well as the height and weight measurement and BodPod calibration).

Air pressure is very important during the test, so it is necessary to wear certain clothes – or under clothes I should say.   For women they recommend a spandex swim suit or compression shorts and sports bra.  For men, it is the previously mentioned compression shorts.  After that I was fitted with a hair net and swim-type cap – I’m pretty sure they make everyone do it, long hair or not.

While I stripped and netted, the BodPod was being calibrated and then it was time to test.  I jumped in and the capsule door closed around me.  It felt quite roomy and not anything like the MRI tests I have been through.  The BodPod unit itself was made to fit a person as large as 7 feet and 500 pounds – so there was a reason it felt roomy.

The testing consisted of three separate readings from the BodPod, each taking about a minute to record.  Within a minute from the time I stepped out of the BodPod, I had a report in my hands that told me my current and accurate body fat in pounds and by percentage, my pounds and percentage of lean muscle, my total weight, my body fat rating, as well as my estimated resting metabolism rate and my estimated total energy expenditure.  A lot of GREAT information that helps me plan the direction of my personal Live-It and will give me a great reference point in which to compare future tests.  (I hope to get on “The Bod Squad” and have my body composition tested quarterly so that I know that I am making the progress I think I am.

Vitela Health can be found online at , you can call them at (855) 848-3520 and you can ‘Like’ Vitela Health Bellevue on Facebook and on Twitter @BodPodBellevue.

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