The following is from a post on the Bellevue School District’s website:

Hundreds of students at Medina Elementary School got a hand shake or a high five from the President during a Friday afternoon stop. The President was in Medina and jumped out of the presidential motorcade when he saw the children lined up on the curb to watch.

“Oh my gosh! All their little faces lit up!” exclaimed Medina Principal Beth Hamilton. “It was pouring down rain and all the kids were lined up and he went down the line and shook every child’s hand; about 450 kids” recounted Beth.

Flanked by heavy Secret Service, the President stepped out of his motorcade in the pouring rain and starting shaking hands. “All the kids were saying ‘I’ll never wash my hands ever again!’” laughed Beth. The President worked his way down the line of students and parents with a huge grin. “He was so nice and genuine’ said Beth. “He just grabbed my hand and patted my arm and asked me about the school, what grades we taught and said ‘Keep up the good work!’” The President was out of the car for about ten minutes and then left, leaving Hamilton and her students with wet smiles and a great start to their mid-winter break.

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