Do you take daily and expensive medications for high blood pressure or Type II Diabetes?  Did you know that there is a safe, affordable and healthy way to get yourself off those evil medications forever?

Vitela Health, with a super convenient location at 40 Lake Bellevue, provides a solution to their clients that allow them to get rid of their blood pressure and diabetes medication within a number of weeks – and FOREVER!  Can you imagine no longer having to give yourself daily insulin injections?  Or no more blood pressure meds?  Would it save you time, hassle and money?  How awesome would that be?

The solution provided by Vitela Health include GUARANTEED and CLINICALLY PROVEN WEIGHT LOSS.  They use a multi-faceted approach that is guaranteed to work – so you have nothing to lose.  Their clients achieve an average weight loss of 2-5 pounds per week, while enjoying nutrition, pre-portioned, quick-prep meals delivered to their door.  Many of their clients are happy with the convenience and ease of the meal program, but many more make use of the great support system offered by Vitela, including answers and inspiration from coaches and a huge community of people just like YOU!

I recently became aware of Vitela Health, through a friend on Facebook while looking for a place to get my body composition tested.  I’ve been “eating clean” for about 5 and a half months and I wanted to get a good idea of what my percentage of body fat is.  She highly recommended Brent and Jan Mathew Stahl and their BodPod in Bellevue.  I immediately got in touch with the Stahls and set up an appointment with them and the BodPod.

BodPodThe BodPod looks kind of like a large egg on top of a pedestal and is a super high tech tool that Vitela Health uses to 1) give its clients a clear picture of their real fitness situation and 2) keep its clients updated on their progress with their program.  I was a little apprehensive about sitting in the BodPod and having the door closed around me, but it was actually quite roomy, even for my 6’3” frame.  The BodPod was designed to be able to hold a person as large as 7 feet tall and 500 pounds, so it was no problem at all.

The test itself was very quick and non-invasive.  I had to strip down to compression shorts and put a swim-type cap on to cover my hair, but once I was in the BodPod, the testing was over in less than 5 minutes.  I was provided with a simple and easy to read report that included my percentage and lbs of fat, my percentage and lbs of lean, total weight, my body fat rating, an estimated RMR (resting metabolic rate) and estimated TEE (total energy expenditure).  The testing was easy and I got the answers to the questions I had about my body composition.

Trainers and fitness coaches will sometimes use the caliper method for determining percentage of body fat, but that method really only gives a wide range and is just not very accurate – certainly not the type of information that professionals want to rely on.  The BodPod body composition testing method is supposed to be the most accurate method available – as Jan Mathew Stahl says “the only more accurate testing is an autopsy, and that’s not a great alternative.”

I was really happy to have been introduced to the BodPod, but was especially glad to have met Brent and Jan Mathew Stahl.  They are very kind and warm people, who have a great deal of knowledge about nutrition and a huge desire to help their clients.  It is very obvious that they love sharing their knowledge and are especially happy to be able to help many of their clients take medications out of their lives.

If you or anyone you know suffers from the effects of unwanted weight, fatigue, low energy, poor eating habits, menopause, high cholesterol, heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes II, I would encourage you to contact Vitela Health today.

Vitela Health can be found online at , you can call them at (855) 848-3520 and you can ‘Like’ Vitela Health Bellevue on Facebook and on Twitter @BodPodBellevue.

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