Barbara Krauss Creativity Coaching is the Eastside Business of the Day!

Barbara serves as a Steward of Creative Inquiry, she has always been drawn to the arts and is most alive when enraptured by the flow and freedom she experiences when immersed in her creative expression, whether it is dance, movement, art or writing; her very essence is alive.  

There was an extended period of time where Barbara buried her creative passion and set out to prove herself in the corporate world.  She was quite accomplished in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  But, there was something missing; something she hungered for.

Challenged to make a very difficult decision, Barbara needed to decide whether to continue down the path she was on, or, to walk away from the corporate world and set out to reclaim and rediscover what was once hers.  She decided to walk away and step into a transformative body of work that enabled her to engage in discovering her full cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical capacities.  And her new journey began.

Today creativity is a way of life; it is her practice of living.  As a Certified Blue Belt Nia Instructor, Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Artist, Dancer, Writer, Mentor, Guide, Teacher, Barbara has been able to step into her body of work that is a holistic approach to the wellness and nurturing of the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  She has found her way to integrate her creative journey through her dance of life.

Barbara describes herself as a cultural creative whose teaching of creativity is the sharing of her gladness and her energetic illumination.  Her work is dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of women and girls by offering guidance into their creative practices that connects them to their emotional, spiritual and physical power.

Here is the information contained in her listing in the Eastside Business Directory:

I help people create a vision for their future. As a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I specialize in using compassionate creative play combined with the practice of small steps to help people to explore what it is that makes them feel alive – what gets them up in the morning and excited about their life – by shifting out of their self-imposed barriers and beliefs that keep them stuck and unable to creatively move forward in their both their professional and personal life.
Bellevue, WA,

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