With the recent announcement that Hostess is filing Bankruptcy, MOD Pizza has decided to do their part to save the Hostess Ding Dong. In an attempt to save and honor the childhood favorite chocolate cream-filled delight, MOD Pizza will slash Hostess Ding Dong prices in half (from $1.00 to $.50 cents) at their five MOD Pizza locations through the end of February.

Hostess Ding Dongs, displayed at the counters of all MOD Pizzas, have evoked a sense of nostalgia with customers since MOD opened their first store in 2008. “What started as a little whimsical dessert offering has sort of become part of our signature style – feel good food with a healthy sense of humor and a dash of retro,” notes MOD co-founder Ally Svenson. “Sales of this bygone treat have been consistently strong,” continues Svenson. “So many of our customers remember Hostess Ding Dongs from their childhood and get a kick out of introducing them to their kids. We’d hate to lose the fun, little tower of foiled treats that bring smiles to the faces of so many MOD customers!”

MOD Pizza’s individual thin crust pizzas are all made on demand and customized the way our customers like it using sauce and dough made from scratch daily. Customers can choose from a menu with inventive selections such as the Caspian (mozzarella, gorgonzola, barbeque chicken, barbeque sauce, sliced red onions) and Lucy Sunshine (mozzarella, parmesan, artichokes, garlic, with dollops of their signature red sauce), or create their own pizza, choosing from more than 25 toppings. Regardless of what toppings you choose, all pizzas are the same price $6.88 (excluding the Mini MOD $3.88) and are individually ordered, prepared and cooked in 800 degree display ovens while you wait. Creative salads, milkshakes, pizza knots, beer and wine round out the menu.

Publishers’ Note:  What about the Twinkie?  And why is MOD Pizza not a member of the Eastside Business Directory?  They”ve definitely received a lot of support from BellevueBusinessJournal.com – turnabout is fair play!

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