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Brilliance Enterprises is the Eastside Business of the Day!

Brilliance Enterprises is the company that started it all.  With a vision to change the culture of business so that people could be their authentic selves in business cultures that supported long term growth and sustainability, BE was created by Lindsay Andreotti and Brian Hilgendorf in 2004 as a consulting firm focused on fast-growth, merging, and changing companies.  Our team has created tools, processes, and philosophies that are innovative, life, and business changing for the teams we work with.

The founders of BE are focused on growing BEING and Brilliance Ventures in 2011, and continue to do speaking engagements, teaching, and consulting for businesses who want to truly transform their culture, merge two cultures, or create processes that are more profitable and people-friendly.  For more information on connecting with Brian and Lindsay for speaking, please contact

To see some of the tools in action that have been developed by Brilliance Enterprises, download their ebook here.

Here is their listing from the Eastside Business Directory at
Consulting and mentoring for start up Entrepreneurs.
2607 Western Ave., Suite 903
Seattle, WA 98121
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