21 Acres Center for Local Food and Sustainable Living21 Acres is the Eastside Business Directory Non-Profit of the Day!

The mission of 21 Acres is to cultivate, demonstrate and advance systems that support sustainable agriculture. 21 Acres is a non-profit organization with a vision to create and operate a vital, open public space for all of us to rediscover the agricultural heritage of our region and learn about cutting-edge, sustainable agricultural design and technologies as well as ways to maximize the beneficial aspects of fresh local produce and farm products.

With a non-profit school dedicated to teaching people how to grow, eat and live sustainably, 21 Acres has a new series of Core Courses to begin in February.   21 Acres also offers its indoor and outdoor facilities, including the Commercial Kitchen for rental. The new 21 Acres Center green building provides attractive settings for meetings, receptions, seated dinners and weddings.

The Back 18 Farm has been designed with permacultural principles in mind. Permacultural design aims to replicate in man-made farms and gardens the patterns found in natural ecosystems to protect their stability and diversity.  This philosophy of farming runs counter to the popular thinking in large-scale commercial farming where eco-diversity is ignored in favor of economies of scale. In the long run, our eco-friendly approach to design will yield a more sustainable natural habitat.

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Thank you to 21 Acres for being a valued member of the Eastside Business Directory.


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