Today’s job market demands experts who can not only use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology, but who also possess a higher level of understanding of how GIS tools are used to create workplace solutions that can meet a broad range of organizational challenges – also known as the GIS Sixth Sense.

American Sentinel University’s new paper, ‘GIS Sixth Sense: Mapping Your Career with a Higher Degree of Analytical Skill,’ is now available for download at

GIS Sixth Sense: Mapping Your Career with a Higher Degree of Analytical Skill is a must-read for GIS professionals that want to master the ‘Sixth Sense’ and learn why it can substantially benefits their careers.

Readers will gain important career insight about the following topics:

-Why individuals with the GIS ‘Sixth Sense’ are more valuable to the team

-Five skills that can bolster a successful career

-How GIS can be used for business solutions

-Job markets that are looking for GIS experts

-Why education plays a significant role in success

“GIS technicians are not solely mapmakers and readers, they are purveyors and contributors of information used to predict and overcome business and social challenges,” says Devon Cancilla, Ph.D., dean, business and technology at American Sentinel University.  “GIS professionals who have the ability to combine GIS technology and business expertise – the sixth sense – will help organizations innovate new ways to make accurate business decisions and make them even more valuable to the team.”

A bachelor’s degree in geographic information systems can significantly improve an individual’s career potential and prepares student’s to take on more professional, team or managerial responsibility. A degree in GIS also helps increase awareness about how GIS can be used for more than just data tracking and helps students map out a career with never-ending possibilities.

Download American Sentinel’s New Paper to Learn How the GIS Sixth Sense Can Bolster a Successful GIS Career

The free, seven-page paper, GIS Sixth Sense: Mapping Your Career with a Higher Degree of Analytical Skill, is now available for download at and offers insightful tips about skills every GIS professional needs to know to be successful in their careers.

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