Today’s Eastside Business Directory Business of the Day is John Erdman and Ideal Companies.

If you are fortunate enough to have met John, you know that he is a good guy and very active in networking and helping in our communities.

Below is the text from their listing on the Eastside Business Directory.

Ideal Companies is a personal and business development training and consulting group to motivated entrepreneurs, including solo entrepreneurs and small business professionals. To help businesses achieve sustainable excellence in their bottom line performance through personal and professional business development.
23800 7th Place West
Bothell, WA 98021
Now this part of the post is really a test – something I have never done before.  With your help it could work – and really be a lot of fun.
Below are some questions that I would like to ask John and think might be interesting to our readers.  I’m hoping that he will read this – and answer them.  Perhaps with a quick video?  Even further, I am hoping that other readers will also chime in with some questions for John – by leaving comments.
Let’s see how it goes ….
1) You are a very enthusiastic guy.  What are you most enthusiastic about heading into 2012?
2) Did you set any New Year’s resolutions this year?  Want to share??
3) What was the longest time that you carried out a New Year’s Resolution?  What was it?
4) What inspired you to start Ideal Companies?
5) What did you do before Ideal Companies?
6) Do you consider yourself an Entrepreneur?  When did you first go into business for yourself?
7) Best advice anyone ever gave you?
8) Best advice you could ever give anyone?
9) I noticed on your website your have some events listed.  Can you please tell us about your One Page Business Plan Workshop and your CEO Roundtables?
10) What is your favorite non-profit or service group?
Thanks John!  (I hope you get to read and respond to this).
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