SmartRoomsNW, in partnership with Jamieson Import Services, announced today that a demonstration unit of its flagship product, the Zoom-Room Wallbed, is now on display in the showroom of My Home Furniture & Décor in Kirkland.

Zoom Room

The Zoom-Room Wallbed is a unique retractable bed system designed for efficiency and safety. Regardless of whether the space serves as a family room, craft room or media room by day, it quickly and effortlessly converts into a guest bedroom at a touch of the wireless remote. The queen-size Zoom-Room Wallbed is hidden vertically inside a stand-alone custom cabinet from which it floats smoothly into a bed, as comfortable as any permanent one.  Another touch of the wireless remote and it retracts into its standalone cabinet which doubles as a wide-screen TV cabinet or a bookcase.  Additional side cabinets can provide storage space.

The Zoom-Room Wallbed’s retractable technology is a model of engineering designed for reliability.  As William McLaren, co-owner of SmartRooms, says: “The Zoom-Room system is light-years ahead of a Murphy bed, it provides a safer operation than traditional Murphy beds, and offers a unique opportunity to transform your guestroom into a media room at the click of a remote.  With over five hundred installs nationwide, Zoom-Room is a great solution to transform your home without the cost of a major remodel.“ It’s especially useful to anyone seeking a wallbed solution that stands alone on the floor and eliminates the physical strain of pulling down and pushing up a traditional Murphy bed.

SmartRooms LLC is a Kirkland-based company and the authorized distributor of the Zoom-Room system for the Pacific Northwest.  They should definitely be in the Eastside Business Directory.

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