SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) and the Seattle Mariners (Mariners) announce that a new, innovative Full HD 82” LCD Weatherproof “Street Display” has been installed at Safeco Field, home of the major league baseball team, the Seattle Mariners.

Safeco Field, built in 1999 and located in Seattle, Washington, houses the world’s second largest open/close roof with natural grass, is the Seattle Mariners home field and hosts more than 2 million fans per year. The street display being installed in the field today is a combination of SANYO’s proprietary waterproofing, dust protection and cooling technology, which can be used outside even while weather happens. The display features high brightness and advanced cooling control mechanisms. Weatherproof monitors will allow the stadium to display contents for ads or public information with clarity and brightness even outdoors.

“This 82-inch LCD monitor will give us a new way to provide information to our fans at Safeco Field without having to worry about the effects of weather.  We are very happy that SANYO chose to make its entrance into the North American digital signage market here at our home ballpark,” said Bob Aylward, Executive Vice President Business Operations, Seattle Mariners.

The growing digital signage market allows additional streams of income from innovative advertising options, and the digital signs are often seen in areas where people gather, outdoors, outside a store, at street intersections, etc. The signage serves a dual purpose, providing pertinent information to customers and the general public, as well as conveying sponsor messaging. Digital signage is very big in North America and Europe. Along with the proliferation of digital signs, there is also a shift to network the devices, and it is estimated that the market for digital signage will continue to grow to a market scope of approximately $2 billion in North America, and is said that it will expand to about $10 billion by 2015 (according SANYO forecasts).

“It is our privilege on this occasion to have the Mariners install our first large 82-inch LCD Weatherproof Street Display,” commented Mitsuru Homma, Executive Vice President of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. “With this prominent appeal to our latest innovation in digital signage, this type of large monitor has officially made our presence known in the North American digital signage market.”

SANYO, on this occasion, officially is bringing the product as a digital signage option to North America. While the product is developed and manufactured by SANYO Electric, the sales for the product and services will be handled by the regional sales headquarters, SANYO North America Corporation.

The Mariners are slated to purchase and install approximately 250 SANYO TVs in their stadium this fiscal year, and when combined with the TVs already installed, the number of SANYO TVs in Safeco Field will be 656 units.

Main Features of 82” LCD Weatherproof Display

  1. Industry’s top class 82”, high brightness (1300 cd/m2) LCD panel, with flexibility to adjust brightness dependent on ambient lighting conditions (1300 cd/m2 to 280 cd/m2)
  2. Waterproof, dust-proof design with reinforced glass to allow installation outdoors in a variety of environmental conditions
  3. Built-in heat pipe and compressors to create a unique cooling system, allowing placement or installation even under sunlight conditions outdoors

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