Kirkland hopes to add some seriously high fiber to the community’s broadband network as it competes for Google’s “Fiber for Communities” project. Google plans to test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more locations in the United States and seeks proposals, including citizen feedback, from cities, counties and communities.  The Kirkland City Council supports the bid and encourages citizens and businesses to nominate Kirkland to Google by Friday, March 26 online at  The City seeks public comments to be included in its bid; comments can be submitted online by March 21 at

“There’s no denying that Kirkland has a need for this kind of speed,” notes Mayor Joan McBride.  “We are a high-tech, innovative community and Google’s high speed service will make our teachers and students, employers and employees and computer users more efficient.”

Google’s Kirkland campus is located on 6th Street South in the Everest neighborhood. Google’s ultra-high speed broadband network will provide Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most users have today.  The company will announce its selections by the end of this year.

Editor’s note:  I did go and nominate Kirkland, although I live in Bellevue and wish we would go after this network too.

By Joe Connector Kennedy

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