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5 Ways to Deal with Startup Setbacks

Setbacks. Every small business owner and entrepreneur encounters them at some point as they build their startup. What separates successful businesses from those less likely to succeed is their ability to overcome adversity, learn from their mistakes and come back better than ever.
Donald Cyprian, Founder of Instant Christ™, the first-ever Christian and faith-based social media platform, offers 5 ways to deal with startup setbacks:
1.        When dealing with a Setback, Take a Step Back – When a situation

arises that negatively impacts us it is natural to want to wallow. That is why the road to recovering from a setback, starts with taking a step back. Take some time to deal with stress, clear your mind and prepare yourself for more challenges.  Setbacks WILL happen but it is your attitude that will propel you forward.

2.       Back to the Drawing Board– Now is the time to ask yourself the tough questions like, “Do I have the right people? The right practices?” Often times setbacks help to expose the holes in our business. Plug them up. You can do this by re-evaluating and prioritizing your business objectives.

3.     Actively Seek New Business– When business is going well it is easy to let recruiting new accounts and clients fall to the wayside. However, you should always chase new business. If you only have a handful of clients and one goes elsewhere, the financial impact can be detrimental. Actively seeking new business helps to ensure that even if you experience the loss of a key client, you will still have a source of revenue. 

4.        Money Matters- Make sure that you have a financial plan in place. When setbacks strike, they normally hit your business right in the wallet. That is why you need to have a solid understanding of your finances, what you’re spending your money on and how much you would need to keep your business functioning properly should a setback occur. Put together an emergency fund, money that you’ll be able to use to help you get through financially tight times and pay for unexpected business expenses.

5.     Utilize Your Network- Family, friends, and industry contacts are all part of your network. When setbacks occur don’t hesitate to reach out to them. You will be pleasantly surprised at the outpouring of help you receive, whether help comes in the form of moral support, advice or an introduction to new clients.

AWB Statement on Proposal to Eliminate Bipartisan Tax Preferences

The Association of Washington Business, Washington state’s largest business association representing small, medium and large employers, issued the following statement today from AWB President Kris Johnson regarding the House Democrats’ proposal to eliminate bipartisan tax incentives: “Economic opportunity is the key to strong communities and shared prosperity. When lawmakers propose to go back on tax… Continue Reading

YOFiMeter™ to Connect Glucose Meter with AT&T

Connected Glucose Meter Wirelessly Transmits Patient Data to CaregiversJanuary 5, 2015 – AT&T1 and YOFiMeter™ have reached an agreement that will enable people with diabetes to wirelessly transmit their blood sugar levels, other biometric data and voice notes. Once cleared by the FDA, the YOFiMeter Connected Glucose Meter will open another line of communication between caregivers and patients… Continue Reading

Washington Wine Industry Foundation Releases Guide to Getting Paid for Grape Growers and Wineries

A new how-to guide has been released by the Washington Wine Industry Foundation called “Getting Paid:  Tools for Washington Grape Growers – A Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing Revenue Loss When Selling Grapes”. The guide is a day-to-day reference for both growers and wineries with information about all aspects of a grape sale transaction: from vetting new… Continue Reading

AT&T Renews Multi-Year Exclusive Connected Car Agreement with BMW

Now Expanded to Include Infotainment Features  AT&T* is continuing to bring high speed internet to BMW vehicles in North America as a part of an extended multi-year exclusive agreement. Since 2008, AT&T has powered BMW’s ConnectedDrive services and apps. Through a new agreement, we also will connect BMW “infotainment” features such as a Wi-Fi hot… Continue Reading

Almost $450,000 raised for Autism Services and Uncompensated Care at Seattle Children’s Hospital through Annual Gala and 38th Festival of Trees

The Partnership for a Spectrum of Care, a collaboration between Seattle Children’s Autism Center Guild and the Dr. Forrest L. Flashman Guild for uncompensated care, recently hosted their Annual Gala and kickoff of the 38th Festival of Trees. With former Seattle Sounder FC player and local celebrity Steve Zakuani as honoree, the event was a… Continue Reading

President Obama Signs Bill Recognizing Asteroid Resource Property Rights into Law

 Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining company, applauds President Obama who signed the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act (H.R. 2262) into law. This law recognizes the right of U.S. citizens to own asteroid resources they obtain and encourages the commercial exploration and utilization of resources from asteroids. “This is the single greatest recognition of property rights in… Continue Reading

Tickets for 2016 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at Sahalee Country Club in Sammamish Now Available

Tickets for the 2016 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship to be held at Sahalee Country Club from June 7-12, 2016, are now on sale. Ticket prices for the Championship range from $10 for each practice round (June 7 – 8) to $75 for a six-day weeklong pass. Ticket options include: Practice Rounds (Tuesday & Wednesday, $10 each day) Weekday Championship Grounds… Continue Reading

Award-winning musical biography of Beatles comes to Kirkland stage on October 20

Musical retelling of Beatles story through the eyes of manager Brian Epstein featuring the live music of renowned tribute band Abbey Road performs at the Kirkland Performance Center Almost everyone knows that The Beatles are one of the most acclaimed bands in rock and roll history because their music has the hypnotic qualities that make teenage… Continue Reading